Our Story

Our story starts about 7 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, and I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility after having several repeat miscarriages. I started working with Debbie Roppo, a certified functional medicine healthcoach who had healed her own autoimmune with simple lifestyle changes. One of the first questions she asked me was about what cleaning and personal care products we were using. Soon after, we met with a fertility specialist who had us take a look at our diet. From there we began to swap out our products one by one. We learned how to read and understand ingredient labels, and we started to research on our own!

One thing we noticed was how so many brands claimed to use clean and all natural ingredients, but that simply wasn't true. They have useful tools like scanner apps, but we also noticed inconsistencies with those. It was very overwhelming and confusing to say the least. Several times we spent money on products thinking they were "all natural", only to learn later that wasn't the case!

Despite a few set backs, we kept pushing forward. Little by little, we started to change not only our products, but also our lifestyle choices. We made sure to take it slow and easy. We knew that taking baby steps was the key to lasting change, and over time we slowly but surely started to feel better and better. Eventually, my husband no longer needed to use pharmaceutical injections to manage his psoriatic arthritis, and in 2021 I gave birth to our beautiful little girl, Charlie.

After having our daughter, I took a break from my welding career and worked from home as a social media manager and digital assitant for Debbie Roppo. The same certified functional medicine healthcoach who helped me with my fertility issues a few years prior. While working for her, I would have to research functional medicine related topics for the social media posts I would put together. I got to read from her books and materials, which in turn gave me so much valuable knowledge. I gained a better understanding of just how overburdened we are as a society with toxins, how to use food as medicine, and how important our thoughts and beliefs are to our reality. Me and my husband  then applied everything I had learned to our own lives.

Fast forward to now, and we are finally in a place where we feel confident about our health and have a good understanding of the toxic burden we are faced with everyday. I have shared our journey on social media over the years, and have realized there are so many other people out there who also feel overwhelmed and don't know how to get started on their journey.  

This is what inspired us to create Herb House Apothecary. We wanted to create a brand where you can be confident that each and every product is safe and free of anything harmful. Products that you can use on the entire family and know that each ingredient is purposeful and beneficial. 

We truly hope that you enjoy!

To work one on one with Debbie Roppo Health Coach, certified functional medicine health coach and behavior specialist, visit her website here or find her on social media! Use my code SARAJ for 20% off her 3 month or 6 month one-on-one coaching packages!!!